Ready to Fly Has Won!

We are excited and proud to announce that Ready to Fly, Volume 1 has placed in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! Winner! In the category of Women’s Issues Finalist! In the Motivational category Thank you to everyone who has participated and supported this project!

Volume 2 is HERE!

Thank you to everyone who supported us last night at our Launch Party for Ready to Fly, Volume 2! You can now purchase your copy on Amazon, or contact one of the authors to get your signed copy!


The Women’s Anthology Project, was founded by Crystal Blue in 2017 with hopes of sharing inspiring stories with the world. In 2018, the first volume of the Ready to Fly series emerged, featuring 16 powerful authors. Today, the saga continues with women from all over the world reading and sharing stories of strength, courage and determination.

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” -Buddha

(And first, you need to figure out what those things are…)

“The first time I read the quote above, it resonated deep within my soul. There was something deep within me that wanted to be heard. To be released and set free. But where would I even begin? What does letting go really mean? I had so many questions and ultimately decided to start listening to my own answer: ‘Just start writing…

Over the past several years, I have discovered that my journey has taken a pivotal turn. One that involves reflection, releasing, and healing. It was time for me to look at all the pieces of my life that were weighing me down. Not just the ‘easy’ things like the career that was unfulfilling, or the one-sided relationships. I’m talking about the deep things. The things within. The pieces of me that were unfulfilling. My relationship with myself.

After a magnificent transformation, I was ready to share my story. But I realized that I didn’t want to do it alone. This was about something bigger. Something more profound. I had connected with so many strong and vibrant women who all had amazing stories to share… and I wanted to give them a voice. I wanted to create a safe space that could hold all of us together while being supported through this journey. Ultimately supporting, inspiring and empowering others with our words.

I was anxious and excited. Terrified, yet determined.

And so, the Anthology was born.”

~Crystal Blue, Founder, Publisher and Author

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